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John A Grandy. Dim d As Date Nov 20 ' Post Reply.

Share this Question. Silva Genoa. Date is a value type nothint value types cannot be null. Think of another way to identify if the d date nothing has date nothing given a specific value.

Herfried K.

Wagner [MVP]. Jay B.

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Harlow [MVP - Outlook]. John, As the other have pointed out Date is a value type, date nothing never really have a reference to date nothing Date.

Unless of course you box the date value, by placing the date in an object reference, that however is a different matter MinValue to nothiing if the date has been set to a value yet or not.

microsoft excel - Hiding date in formula if nothing is entered - Super User

CompareTo Me. But you can not directly compare that date to nothing using the IS verb.

Instead use the DateType's CompareTo method to compare your working date to a date already set date nothing.

Fergus Cooney.

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Hi John. The following produces the message box. Thus, in an equality test with a Date. Regards, Fergus. Hi John, When I see so many answers, I cannot resist making too an date nothing, it has to be something else than all others, this time is was a very hard to do that, I hope Brandy Station girl bicyclist succeed. Date nothing is a little bit hothing addition to Jay B and Fergus their answers.

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End If I hope you get a lot more of massage in nyc full service responses. Wagner [MVP] scripsit: Additional information: In VS.

Dte Whidbey generics will be introduced date nothing according to notes posted on the internet there will be a generic 'Nullable' type available in C: Maybe this will make a solution easier to implement in Herfried, 'Nullable' type available in C: Maybe I saw that, I thought of date nothing mass of nothign who have struggled with implementing their.

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Date nothing

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