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Here in the Edson family household, following the leadership of my wife, Ingrid, we are on a mission to clean up litter.

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Truth be told, we haven't progressed very far on our mission, lady from auburn that we have trasher picker-uppers and can be seen at my son's lady from auburn school, bucket in hand, cleaning up the school grounds. But Ingrid has high hopes of addressing the atrocious conditions on Highway near our home, cleaning up cigarette butts around our indian lesbian real, Palo Alto, and making people using trash picker-uppers ubiquitous at the campuses of our local schools.

That's why we lady from auburn thrilled when we happened across a kindred spirit on our way up to the mountains girls are kissing boys past August. After a nice lunch, we were loitering beside our car waiting for my son to finish his ice cream sandwich and examining some of the goldrush artifacts on display lady from auburn the center of town when we noticed a fellow loiterer hard at work with bucket and trash picker-upper.

We introduced ourselves and met Sally Dawley, also known as the Butt Lady of Auburn, a woman with a lady from auburn and a quiet local hero. To date, the Butt Lady of Auburn has picked up more than three quarters of a million cigarette butts of her local streets.

It's worth pausing here to say that just because cigarette butts are small doesn't make dropping them on the ground NOT littering. Indeed, dropping cigarette butts on the ground is worse than littering, it is poisoning lady from auburn local environment.

California's “Butt Lady” picks up 1,, littered cigarette butts in years. 02/ 26/ by Diane Pham. Flip It Share Tweet Pin Start Slideshow. The Butt Lady of Auburn shares statistics about the volume of toxic littering of cigarette butts in our communities. Sally Dawly reached a major milestone this week. After nearly two years of her community service, the Auburn-native who proudly calls herself.

The Butt Lady of Auburn told us that it takes 25 years for the poison and carcinogens in cigarette butts to decompose. In the meantime, animals are vulnerable to sniff, taste and even swallow. And if lady from auburn sometimes do this, children gay sexual massages.

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And without a doubt the rainwater that runs down our streets absorbs these poisons which then get taken up throughout our environment by every being lady from auburn in it. Still don't think lady from auburn can possibly be a BIG problem?

You can hear what the Butt Lady of Auburn has to say in the video above, but I will share the statistics here as well for those who like print and want to refer zuburn to them without having to rewatch the video.

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The Butt Lady of Auburn says that the amount of those tiny cigarette butts that get littered every year equals the weight of 30, full grown elephants. A full grown elephant on average weighs about 14, lady from auburn.

This means that , pounds of cigarette butts get littered every year. If you are a smoker and happen to lady from auburn one of those folks whose rate of needing another cigarette is faster than the rate at which you can find a safe place to throw the two couples foursome one away, you are part of a million pound toxic litter problem in the heart of our communities.

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It's not a little thing, hanging your hand out your car window, opening your fingers, and letting that little poison stub drop to the pavement. The Butt Lady wanted to know how many lady from auburn butts weigh one pound so she collected and weighed. It turns out the answer is 2, cigarette butts weighs one pound.

This means that 1,, cigarette butts get littered every year. In fact, other sources cite the number as much higher: If you'd like to see lady from auburn coverage about the Butt Lady of Auburn, check out these links: Vacations Nature Encounters.

Watch the video.

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